CSIRT stands for computer security incident response team. CERT stands for computer emergency response (or readiness) team. And CIRT can stand for either computer incident response team or, less frequently, cybersecurity incident response team. CSIRT, CERT and CIRT are often used interchangeably in the field. In fact, CSIRT and CIRT are almost always near-equivalent; essentially they are synonymous. An organization might prefer one or the other based on the organization's language or style, or subtle differences in organizational scope. Generally though, the meaning is consistent with the formal definition and description of CSIRTs outlined in the 2007 Carnegie Mellon document "Defining Computer Security Incident Response Teams. " Its first line reads: "A computer security incident response team (CSIRT) is a concrete organizational entity (i.e., one or more staff) that is assigned the responsibility for coordinating and supporting the response to a computer security event or incident."

CSIRT.ID – Cyber Security Independent Resilience Team of Indonesia.

3.1 Mission Statement

CSIRT.ID is a non-government initiative and independent cybersecurity incident response team association was formed by professionals, expert, and academia to assist communities and private sector in Indonesia to proactively contributing and strengthening national cybersecurity and resilience.

3.2 Constituency

CSIRT.ID constituencies are:

  • ICT Community, which is IT-security teams, professionals, and academia.
  • Local CSIRT’s in Indonesia, especially the private sectors and non-government.
  • Internet Core Infrastructure owners, which are Network Access Provider (NAP), Internet Service Provider (ISP), Internet Exchange and Data Center Operator (LEO), others Critical Infrastructure operators related to Cyber Security resilience.

For awareness purposes, pro-active educational material will be provided to the constituencies, and the general public as well.

3.3 Sponsors and/or Affiliation

CSIRT.ID founders: see 2.9 and former ID-SIRTII/CC members and staff.

CSIRT.ID co-founders are not mentioned directly due to some exceptions and restrictions reason. Including individual experts, academia, other Non-Government Agencies.

CSIRT.ID is not registered in any regional organization or initiatives membership yet, and no sponsors and affiliations available as at present time.

CSIRT.ID is an independent organization. Which means, it is fully funded by private donors and membership. We did not perform any kind of government function and services, particularly or in general.

Our accountability and responsibility are to the constituencies.

3.4 Authority

CSIRT.ID`s main purpose is to help coordination amongst local incident response initiatives to handle any kind of incidents at constituency level based on terms and conditions within NDA. This includes communication with counterparts and initiates collaboration as needed. In such, we only advise constituencies to take immediate action. WE DO NOT MITIGATE AND REMEDIATE directly since we do not have direct authority to its network and so on.

We did not have any authority over internet infrastructure yet.